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The Really Easy Way To Play The Drums

with download audio and video files

The Easy Way To Advance Your Drumming

Intermediate to Advanced

The Really Easy Way To Play The Drums DVD

90 min DVD

This print book includes free download of 30 audio tracks and 16 video lessons. A best seller since 2003 and is sold, printed and delivered direct to you by Amazon in your own country.

It's a step by step guide designed for the beginner or for those who are drumming already and need some clear guidance on how to develop their drumming skills further.

It includes the most important drum rudiments and exercises to build and develop the hand and foot co-ordination you'll need to play well.

'Brings out the best'

"Steve is able to relate to students of all ages and abilities and brings out the best in them"

Review by Frank Seago - Head of Music at Young Music Makers

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This print book with free download audio files is a great resource for intermediate and more advanced players.

'Drum tutor I've been looking for all my life' *****

"This book is fantastic! Packed full of rudiments, grooves, drum tips and 'play along' tracks of rock, funk, latin and swing on a really well-produced CD. I recommend this book to drummers of all standards and give it 5 stars with no hesitation".

Review by Marcus Bolt

'Best buy' *****

"Good all rounder book for sure, teaching you awesome advancements in drumming in all aspects of the kit. If you're looking for techniques on improving your drumming this is the book to get".

Review by Dave Doughty  

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• For the beginner and the closest    thing to one to one personal coaching with Steve

•  Free printable PDFs

•  Rudiments and techniques

•  Kit tuning suggestions

•  Correct grip and posture

•  Clearly explained and demonstrated

'Great' *****

"It’s a great DVD, clear and well demonstrated and covering all that’s needed to get going".

Review by Greg Ison - Pro UK drummer

'I love it' *****

"This DVD helps students to be self motivated and to develop their own style... it's great"

Review by Sam Kelly - UK Blues Drummer of the year (5 years)

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